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Albyn Gallery offers exlusive international artists

Audrey Hepburn by Bill Mack

Audrey Hepburn by Bill Mack

An art gallery is offering artists such as Bill Mack and Dorit Levi in the UK for the first time.

The Albyn Gallery in Aberdeen’s West End plays host to over 100 pieces of art and brings the romantic works of Pino to the Disney character illustrations of Allison Lefcort to British art lovers.

The collection belongs to the Douglas family who are opening their home to fellow collectors.

Keith Douglas, Owner of the Albyn Gallery, said:

“As a family, we love art and have amassed a fantastic collection. I believe that art collections should move and evolve and, aside from some particularly sentimental pieces, I look forward to sharing my collection with others and continuing to develop what we enjoy in our home.”

The pieces include portraits of Hollywood legends Audrey Hepburn and Steve McQueen painted onto pieces of the original Hollywood sign by Bill Mack. There are also striking raised relief pieces of wall art by this internationally renowned artist.

Other pieces include paintings by the ‘rock and roll star’ of the art world Michael Godard who is famed for his use of olives depicting party scenes.

Globally-renowned Dorit Levi’s work is bold and bright, often focusing on larger women. While Pino achieved career success illustrating covers of romantic novels, building the career of the famous model Fabio, and taking that romance into his pieces of art.

Allison Lefcort’s Disney character illustrations have official approval from Disney and she was invited to paint a portrait of former American First Lady Hilary Clinton in her instantly recognisable style.

There is also work by Armenian master Martiros Manoukian featuring striking colours and use of crushed semi-precious gems.

Keith added:

“We are delighted to a host such a diverse collection and bring these artists to UK art lovers to enjoy and fall in love with as we have.”

The pieces, which also include works by Picasso and Renoir (Junior), are visible throughout the family home, as well as a collection in a top floor gallery room.

Keith is a long-term supporter of charity Befriend a Child, and a proportion of each sale will go to this and other local charities.